MultiScale Infrastructure & Platform Services


MultiScale offers the only

cloud-based data streaming platform

uniquely engineered for healthcare.

Whether you're doing traditional analytics or up-to-the-second alerting on clinical events, MultiScale provides complete health data, seconds after it's updated. By delivering data that is truly in the moment, MultiScale allows a paradigm shift in how health systems interact with their legacy systems and data. Rather than be stuck reporting on old data about the past, as you would from a data warehouse or a data lake, MultiScale allows health systems and partners to instantly report on events that are happening right now. And unlike HL7 or FHIR, these events can contain complete context data, not a limited set of fields. Streaming data directly to clinicians when they need it most supports on-the-spot decisions and leads to improved clinical outcomes, provider satisfaction, and enhanced patient experience.

Imagine the power of a complete health dataset…

untethered and accessible in the cloud.

Instantaneous & Scalable

Secure Cloud Infrastructure
MultiScale maintains a highly-secure cloud and network infrastructure that is HIPAA compliant. We use the computing industry’s latest tools and technologies to keep health system data safe and secure. This allows health systems and partners to take advantage of a cutting-edge, low cost, scalable infrastructure that provides a single source of data to downstream applications.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Maintain
Unlike some systems, MultiScale takes days to set up, not months. Because MultiScale’s system requires minimal work by the IT department, customers and partners realize value much more quickly. Installation has low impact on existing systems, and there is no server farm to maintain or upgrade, ever.

Complete Data Set from Legacy Systems
Unlike other approaches, MultiScale delivers all of the health data in the system. No more worrying about whether a data field will be available—MultiScale delivers everything. Leverage your entire data set to build apps and reports that you or your customers need.


Streaming Data
MultiScale updates seconds after the EHR does. We upload the data changes to the cloud, process them into human-readable form, and publish the results; all in less time than it took you to read this sentence. This allows data to be used in clinical settings, when seconds make a difference.


Secure & Compliant
MultiScale partners with Google’s HIPAA compliant and HITrust certified infrastructure to provide customers with the most secure cloud-based platform available. In addition to healthcare standards, Google has demonstrated security compliance standards including ISO 27018, SOCS 3, PCI DSS, FedRamp, NIST 800-53, and more. A full list can be viewed here.


MultiScale’s Information Security Program verifies, validates, and strengthens its solutions through regular cybersecurity risk assessments conducted by the CynergisTek Compliance Assist Partner Program. CynergisTek’s extensive healthcare security knowledge and in-depth assessment capabilities ensure MultiScale solutions remain secure and compliant to industry standards.

What can streaming access to data do for your organization?
Hospitals and partners across the country can benefit from MultiScale’s Infrastructure & Platform Services; here are some areas in which MultiScale can drive impact:

  • Hospital B.I. Teams

  • Hospital Quality & Research Teams

  • Analytics Applications

  • Healthcare IT Vendors