We agree: Run to the Cloud...just don't trip on the way

By: Jim Harding, MultiScale Founder & CTO

HIMSS 18 was as energetic as usual.  But, this year's keynote by former Google/Alphabet Chairman, Dr. Eric Schmidt, was nothing if not usual. He made a passionate plea in the form of a clarion call to action:

“Get to the cloud. Run to the cloud,” he told attendees. “Don’t stop, don’t walk, don’t think about it — just run. Take an airplane, fly to the cloud, whatever metaphor you care about.”    

We agree with the sentiment in that the industry needs to move from where it is, now, in a previous generation of managing applications and data locally.  It is not next generation to be in the cloud for most other industries. It is simply current generation. For healthcare, the cloud is next generation. This is why Dr. Schmidt is so emphatic--get to where everyone else is and things will be much better quickly.

He talked about the benefits of innovation such as what can come from  predictive analytics and AI and how they can be used to predict outcomes and mortality, and specified clear benefits  in emergency departments.

“We have physicians within our company who believe that if these algorithms for prediction work, we can predict outcomes in the ER, for example, 18 to 24 hours earlier than any other observation system,”

MultiScale Health Networks offers a cloud solution using the very cloud that Dr. Schmidt is espousing. We replicate all customer EHR data to the Google Cloud (and have it working Azure) in real-time. As data is created during care delivery, we make it available to our customers and our applications. 


In fact, we have the ER example Dr. Schmidt refers to in 30 hospitals today, running in real-time in the Google Cloud. Our customers are using this to predict inpatient admissions and overcrowding.


It would have been great if Dr. Schmidt had known that we have been live with customers in production for nearly a year now.  

Here is some of what we’ve learned: While we agree with the tenor of running to the cloud, there needs to be caution. You must be prepared. You must understand the requirements from compliance, security, legal, monitoring, auditing, governance and all the crucial aspects of managing healthcare data and the process of managing it in the cloud.  

But there is a lot more we’ve learned. Let’s talk if you are interested in having a meaningful conversation about this topic and how having real time healthcare data in the cloud can benefit your organization.

source: https://healthtechmagazine.net/article/2018/03/himss-2018-run-cloud-says-former-google-ceo-eric-schmidt

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