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Partner Ecosystem: Part 1

By: Stacey Kinkead, Chief Product and Operating Officer

All In: We Need to Work Together to Transform Healthcare

I was recently invited to speak on a panel for the Mobile Future Forward Conference. The event theme was “Connected Intelligence: Exponential Ecosystems”.  A great event with interesting topics and experts talking about 5G, AI, IoT, Blockchain, cybersecurity and more.

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We agree: Run to the Cloud...just don't trip on the way

By: Jim Harding, MultiScale CEO

HIMSS 18 was as energetic as usual.  But, this year's keynote by former Google/Alphabet Chairman, Dr. Eric Schmidt, was nothing if not usual. He made a passionate plea in the form of a clarion call to action:

“Get to the cloud. Run to the cloud,” he told attendees. “Don’t stop, don’t walk, don’t think about it — just run. Take an airplane, fly to the cloud, whatever metaphor you care about.” 

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