MultiScale Health Networks: Powerful systems to enhance patient care

Enabling Change

Solutions: Data & Application Protection, Migration

Clinical communication within and across departments is a crucial factor to ensuring a positive and efficient patient experience. MultiScale Hive apps leverage Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to encourage intuitive collaboration among hospital staff to proactively improve patient care. The Hive ED app helps providers in Emergency Departments (ED) monitor individual patient timelines, tracking wait times and automating alerts to notify caregivers when to prepare an inpatient room. By enabling stakeholders to easily see and work with patient data, these features help ensure that patients don't have to wait longer than needed, and that the right care is provided at the right time. MultiScale reports a 26 percent year-to-date reduction in ED patients leaving without being seen and a 33 percent reduction in the length of stay, leading to improved quality of care and patient experience.

Cloud Bigtable more securely hosts patient health information for the platform and consolidates data for entire organizations onto a unified hub. MultiScale needed specialized data security resources due to high-privacy HIPAA standards for patient health records. Prospective cloud providers could not see or access stored patient files. Strong encryption tools in GCP help MultiScale meet industry security compliance requirements.

"Cloud Bigtable helps us store and process data at the rate and size that healthcare providers require. The performance scalability of Cloud Bigtable has been a big reason why we've been able to grow within GCP," says Geoff O'Farrell, Senior Director, Technical Services Group at MultiScale Health Networks.

Cloud Storage supports the MultiScale platform data archiving needs. High-demand customers can go through a terabyte of data per day, while Stackdriver and other GCP products help with tasks such as platform performance monitoring. Migrating to GCP has enabled MultiScale to explore machine learning and artificial intelligence applications that are likely to include securely analyzing patient treatment histories and clinician care notes to find insights on reducing readmission rates.

The platform's apps leverage the high uptime and performance of GCP to help providers monitor individual patient timelines, tracking when they enter a waiting room and automating alerts for when to prepare an inpatient room. These features help improve care quality by allowing stakeholders to easily see and work with patient data, which reduces the risk of emergency room overcrowding and delays, and helps ensure that patients don't have to wait longer than needed.

"Small delays add up and can negatively impact patient care for healthcare providers. Our platform eliminates these roadblocks to encourage better communication and collaboration among medical staff. It wouldn't be possible to do this at scale without Google Cloud Platform." Stacey Kinkead, Chief Product Officer.