MultiScale Announces Implementation of Hive, the First Real-Time Problem-Solving App, at 35 Hospitals Across Providence St. Joseph Health System

SEATTLE, Nov. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MultiScale Health Networks, a pioneer in bringing real-time problem-solving innovations to healthcare, today announced the implementation of its first Hive Application, currently in use across 35 hospitals of the Providence St. Joseph's Health (PSJH) System. Early metrics validate the impact that Hive offers hospitals in identifying and solving issues--often times before they become problems.

PSJH is using the first MultiScale Hive app to proactively address throughput, staffing, diversions, and other issues in the Emergency Department (ED). With Hive the ED is seeing enormous, bottom line potential. Clinicians at 35 hospital emergency departments across five-states, are using the Hive ED app to proactively collaborate in order to address ED problems such as throughput and patients that leave without being seen—before they become an issue. Hive empowers clinicians with the real-time EHR and operational information needed to improve care quality and efficiency while simultaneously addressing cost impacts.

Clinicians using Hive are thrilled with the early results. Dr. Russ Kino, Medical Director Emergency Services and CMIO for Providence St. John's Health Center elaborated, "Early Hive results demonstrate that the data insights, communication, and collaboration created have already reduced ED Length of Stay (LOS) by 33% across the 35 hospitals.  Having all relevant caregivers aware moment-to-moment of what needs to be done for each patient in real-time is a revolutionary concept that we believe will radically improve efficiency. With that improvement and efficiency we believe it will lead to corresponding improvements in safety, quality, customer satisfaction and profitability."

Dr. Rod Hochman, President, and CEO of PSJH stated, "As both an investor and a client, we are  thrilled with how MultiScale helped us create a real-time health system (RTHS) by safely building a health data cloud application across our multi-state network.  With the Hive infrastructure in place, we plan to develop more Hive problem-solving apps to continually improve the health system's quality, efficiency and cost-saving initiatives."

MultiScale CEO Jim Harding added, "PSJH is an outstanding partner. With their ongoing support and feedback we are proving that cloud-based, real-time health system innovations like Hive can make a difference in healthcare." Harding added, "With Hive, we see immense opportunity to empower clinicians with the data they need to address problems before they happen and work together to improve quality, drive more efficiency, and help health systems positively impact the bottom-line."

About MultiScale Health Networks
Founded in 2012, MultiScale Health Networks is a pioneer in reimagining health data by asking "what if" and applying new technologies to old approaches. MultiScale is bringing the vision of real-time health system (RTHS) to healthcare by leveraging the proven technologies of countless industries that have transformed into real-time operations. Hive apps enable clinicians to securely communicate and collaborate with EHR and health operations data to address issues in real-time before they become problems. This empowers clinicians with what they need to improve care quality, drive efficiency and reduce costs. Privately-held MultiScale is a joint venture between industry powerhouses Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH), one of the largest non-for-profit health systems in the US, and Sabey Healthcare HoldingsLearn more.

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