Senior Software Engineer, Platform

MultiScale Health Networks is where the world’s most talented data innovators and healthcare thought leaders are working together to shape a new future for healthcare.  Our developers tap into data updates from legacy electronic health records (EHR), and, using the cloud technology ecosystem, open the data for analysis, machine learning, AI and application specific enhancements -- all in real time.  We work together and directly with clients, partners, nurses,  doctors, and other healthcare providers to unleash innovative new ways to empower care providers by changing how they use EHR data. This makes health data easier to use, easier to interact with, easier to understand, and easier to communicate about. We are an equal opportunity employer that prizes diversity and a positive workplace. We value people with a good sense of humor, the ability to work well with others, self motivation, detailed organizational skills, data driven thinking, and strong work ethic.


We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join our platform development team. This team is focused on building highly available, high volume, low latency data transformation and storage systems. Enhancing the ease of use and expressibility of the transformations is integral to the team’s mission. The MSHN technology stack leverages a combination of leading edge open source and cloud tools (Google Compute Engine, Google Big Table, Kafka, Datalog, Could SQL) as well as custom code built using Java, Scala, and Golang. As a member of the team, you will be involved with all phases of software engineering (architecture, design, coding, deployment, operational support) and responsible for the evolution of the tool set into a hardened stack that supports processing of terabytes of data.


Key technical responsibilities include:

  • Design and build scalable and secure libraries and services to transform, reason about, and store electronic health record data.

  • Document and communicate software architecture, design decisions, code approach, and socialize these decisions through peer review and architectural review.

  • Ensure that all of your projects build elegantly (containerized, in continuous integration environment, have thoughtful unit tests, pass key security tests, etc) with a high degree of automation.

  • Embrace a partnership with operations to improve operations, ensure operational excellence through logging, metrics, monitoring, and documentation, and participate in running the software you write.

  • Root out performance and reliability issues and make improvements.



  • At least five years of hands on work experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent

  • Experience working with extremely sensitive data (PHI, HIPAA, etc.)

  • Creative problem solving skills

  • Passion for new technology and customer focus

  • Experience with semantic technologies, rule languages, UMLS, or developing an IDE would be a plus.

Molly Maron