Stacey Kinkead

Stacey Kinkead is maverick startup product builder who excels at aligning teams and unlocking technical innovation at the intersection of solving customer needs and real-world problems.

Stacey began her technical career in 1997 at Amazon, then a fledgling startup. While there she was part of the team responsible for readying emerging technologies for market, including early versions of AWS. As part of AWS, Stacey defined standards for ensuring interoperability and speed, critical components to solving customer problems and ensuring early success for Amazon. This led to Stacey taking on responsibility for creating data storage standards that simplified and empowered millions of users to easily store and access data from anywhere. This enabled customers to take advantage of something that was previously complex and expensive, by making it trivially easy to understand, access and build companies on top of.

Stacey continued the entrepreneurial path, eventually founding her own firm, and later leading multiple startups including serving as CEO of Rivet & Cuff, a retail-technology startup focused on reinventing the online buying experience. Now Stacey has turned her sights on healthcare, where she and her team are using advanced technology to democratize data access in yet another industry.

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