Jim Harding

Jim Harding is a technology entrepreneur who has founded and managed software companies of all sizes throughout his career. As CEO of MultiScale Health Networks, Harding is working to modernize how caregivers use patient data by enhancing EMR data to create on-demand, operational intelligence that drives collaboration and decision making enabling safer, smarter and faster care.

Earlier, as Vice President of Technology at Amazon.com, Harding led the business unit that developed the technology platform and marketing channel for all 3rd-party resellers to manage inventory and sell products through the Amazon website. Harding holds Amazon patents on reseller data metrics and loyalty.

Harding’s interests in software companies also intersected with the early days of Microsoft, including his work at Seattle Computer products—the makers of the original MS-DOS product sold to Microsoft in 1981. Later Harding developed the first PC database to run on local area networks, called Advanced Revelation, the data modeling product is now part of MS SQL Server product line. This led to advising Bill Gates through Microsoft’s database roadmap. As Harding continued to pursue his entrepreneurial passion, he founded ServerWare to develop InfoModeler, which became part of Visio and Microsoft. There, he received patents on semantic data modeling and query languages, a precursor to semantic web and graph databases.

Harding’s career also includes running Cartia, an award-winning pioneer in early, big data machine learning techniques, through a Battelle Labs tech transfer program. Co-founding PhotoTrust, the first online photo sharing and archiving website. And, serving as president of FinancePro, Sr. VP of Vertafore, and CEO of Cirqe an integrator social networking with email.

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