Health Data Reimagined


You work in real-time. Your data infrastructure should too.


As a tech company launched inside of a health system, MultiScale understands the complex demands of the healthcare ecosystem. The unique alignment between technology developers and clinical end users has enabled innovative technology solutions that transform collaboration and ignite decision making.

MultiScale has developed the only solution to lift the data of a health system into a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud and integrate multiple EHR instances into a single service.


Imagine the power of a complete health dataset…

untethered and accessible in the cloud.


Introducing MultiScale Infrastructure & Platform Services


Seamless EHR Integration

MultiScale delivers all of the health data in your EHR system. Unlike HL7 or FHIR, these events can contain complete context data, not a limited set of fields.

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Cloud Streaming Platform

MultiScale partners with Google’s HIPAA compliant and HITrust certified infrastructure to provide customers with the most secure cloud-based platform available.

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Scalable Data Access

MultiScale provides streaming access to health data, allowing health systems and partners to report on events that are happening right now.


MultiScale Infrastructure & Platform Services provides streaming access to EHR data from the cloud — safely and securely. This instantaneous and scalable access empowers teams to understand complex health data in the moment. Would you rather have care teams spend time searching and waiting for critical data or caring for patients?

The streaming platform that healthcare needs.

MultiScale delivers complete health data from your EHR instances to the cloud. Historical data storage allows for advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence processing to maintain context for recent and future events, while simplified data mapping empowers data to come together in ways that legacy systems cannot support. It’s easy to set up and easy to maintain, taking only a few weeks to deploy and causing low impact on existing systems and resources.

Have your own apps, but need a more robust data source? Utilizing a differentiated access point, MultiScale enables in-house business intelligence and analytic application teams as well as healthcare IT partners to complete full use case sets.


Connecting our customers to their data.

A common frustration of care teams: “I make decisions in real-time. The data I need is just not there when I need it.” MultiScale technology solutions were created to eliminate this issue. With streaming cloud access to EHR data, clinicians are equipped with the patient information they need to collaborate and make decisions in their everyday environments. MultiScale customers have improved Emergency Department (ED) operations as a result of having access to real-time patient information.

ED Length of Stay

ED length of stay is used as an ED performance indicator. Decreasing ED length of stay creates capacity to see more patients and can also lead to a decrease in left without being seen, among other benefits. 

ED Left Without Being Seen

Left without being seen is commonly used as a quality and performance indicator in the ED. While many factors can contribute to patients leaving before been seen by a provider, one common factor is long wait times associated with ED overcrowding. 


Innovative Roots. Passion for Healthcare.

Born from customer-first thinking, MultiScale is a pioneer in reimagining health data by applying new technologies to old approaches. MultiScale executives helped usher in the personal-empowerment era of technology that transformed how we shop, purchase, and work with data. Turning their sights to healthcare, the team transformed proven technologies from other industries into a powerful infrastructure unique to the healthcare ecosystem.