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Introducing MultiScale Hive

Countless industries have innovated by shifting to real-time operations. MultiScale Hive brings the vision of a real-time health system (RTHS) to healthcare. Hive empowers clinicians with the EHR data and insights needed to solve problems as they happen. With Hive, health systems gain a customer-first, RTHS infrastructure that improves care delivery outcomes, patient engagement and operational efficiency.

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Hive Cloud Access

Set your health data free from the constraints of legacy EHR systems. MultiScale Hive provides streaming, full-EHR data access from the cloud— safely and securely. It’s time to say goodbye to frustrating data access delays.

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Hive Platform & Analytics

Hive helps you make sense of complicated health data. The Hive Platform is open, scalable and HIPAA-compliant. Use Hive Analytics for instant retrospective and prospective data analysis by simply connecting your business intelligence tools.

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Hive Apps

Empower your clinicians with the data needed to address operational issues before they become problems. Hive Apps provide curated and prescriptive knowledge about real-time events. This convenient clinical communication and collaboration approach improves efficiency and quality across operations.



Year-to-Date Reductions for MultiScale Hive Launched Sites


ED Length of Stay

Why does Emergency Department (ED) length of stay (LOS) matter?
ED overcrowding is a serious concern and can be associated with poor clinical quality, decreased patient satisfaction and increased cost.

ED LOS is used as an ED performance indicator. Decreasing ED LOS creates capacity to see more patients and can also lead to a decrease in LWBS among other benefits.

ED Left Without Being Seen

Left without being seen (LWBS) is commonly used as a quality and performance indicator in Emergency departments. While many factors can contribute to patients leaving before been seen by a provider, one common factor is long wait times associated with ED overcrowding.



Solutions/Care Efficiency

Empowered Care Choices

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In everyday life, technology has put knowledge at our fingertips, transforming how we shop, research and order. It saves time and reduces friction. MultiScale Hive uses these same principles to transform EHR data into a game-changing solution. Hive Apps—designed to solve the problems you identify—instantly streams EHR data to caregivers as they work. Clinicians are empowered with the knowledge they need to solve operational care issues—often before they happen. Time that was wasted searching and waiting for critical data is now spent doing what caregivers love most—caring for patients.

Solve Problems As-You-Work

EHR operational and care data is available as-it-happens, when and where it is needed it, so care decisions can be modified and operations streamlined.

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Use Analytics to Make Smart Decisions

AI, machine-learning and predictive analytics are applied to EHR clinical and operational data to derive patterns. Clinicians glean the insights needed to instantly understand and act on issues that impact care.

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Collaborate Across Operations in Real-Time

Liberate caregivers with streaming operational care intelligence across operations. Empower teams to drive true health system transformation with access to real-time feedback loops, action plans and knowledge about what is and isn’t working.


Re-imagining Health Data

MultiScale is a pioneer in re-imagining health data by applying new technologies to old approaches. MultiScale Hive brings the vision of a real-time health system to healthcare by leveraging the proven technologies that have transformed countless industries into real-time operations. Hive enables clinicians to securely communicate and collaborate with EHR and health operations data to address issues before they become problems. This empowers clinicians to improve care quality, drive efficiency and reduce costs. Privately-held MultiScale is a joint venture between industry powerhouses Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH), one of the largest non-for-profit health systems in the US, Johnson & Johnson, and Sabey Healthcare Holdings.


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